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AstroTour: Activities

Whether you took part in the AstroTour or not, there are lots of ways of getting involved in astronomy - perhaps even helping with some research projects. Here we've collected together a list of a few ways to explore the universe for yourself.
Robotic Telescopes

Robotic Telescopes are special telescopes that are working away on remote observatories without astronomers having to be there (or in some cases even awake!) Several of the largest robotic telescopes are also available for schools to use (usually free of charge) so there are many exciting ways of getting involved.

The three main robotic telescope projects available in the UK are:
The Faulkes Telescope Project:
The National Schools' Observatory:
The Bradford Robotic Telescope:

Suitable for all ages

Moon Zoo

With your help, Moon Zoo hope to study the lunar surface in unprecedented detail. Using images from NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), you are asked to study and classify surface features.

To take part visit

Ages 16+

Asteroid Hunt

The aim of this project is for you to help with some important work by searching for Near Earth Objects (NEOs) in observations taken by the Liverpool Telescope, and report back their positions. With your results, we can then calculate the orbits of the NEOs and work out if any could be "killer asteroids".

To take part visit

Ages 11+


Sun|trek is the place to go to find out all about the Sun, and learn about the astronomers who are studying it.

To follow the Sun|trek visit

Suitable for all ages

More projects and activities will be added during the course of the Tour, so keep checking back here!