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Andy's Answers

The following is a list of video answers recorded by Dr Andy Newsam in response to astronomy questions posed by students. Each answer can be viewed on your browser (if Flash enabled) by clicking on the Direct View link. However, if your browser is not capable of running Flash, please click on the Download File option, and then run the file using Apple Quicktime or Windows Media Player.

Question Video Answer
What is a star ?Direct View Download File
What holds Jupiter together ?Direct View Download File
Why did you study Astronomy ?Direct View Download File
How long would it take to walk to the Moon ?Direct View Download File
Is there life elsewhere in the Universe ?Direct View Download File
What is Dark Matter ?Direct View Download File
How do I become an Astronomer ?Direct View Download File
What caused the Big Bang ?Direct View Download File
What is inside a Black Hole ?Direct View Download File
New - Why is the Liverpool Telescope's clamshell enclosure beneficial?Direct View Download File
New - Is it fun being an astrophysicist?Direct View Download File
New - Will we ever be able to travel faster than the speed of light?Direct View Download File
New - Why can you only see Orion in the winter?Direct View Download File


If you have a question Andy has not already answered then go to our Ask Andy page and submit it there. When he has a moment, Andy will record video answers to the best questions and they will be posted on this page.


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